Thorne: Stegosaurus

Status: Available

When CRS learned about Thorne's plight, we immediately stepped into action, knowing if we didn't act fast this gentle giant's rescue would be compromised. The stegosaur had an injured eye and scars around his neck from constant chaining at a dinosaur park in Pennsylvania. After a long legal battle that went all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States, Thorne was sent to the spacious Dinosaur Conservatory Institute, where he could roam freely and socialize with other stegosaurs for the first time in years. Unfortunately things didn't go as planned. Being an adult male stegosaurus, he was quickly rejected from DCI's herd and was  abused by the matriarch of the herd. The Dinosaur Conservatory Institute's lead scientist then called CRS to return him to us. Sadly, we have an overpopulation of herbivores at the sanctuary and cannot keep him, therefore he is up for adoption. Thorne is a very sweet dinosaur with a big heart and a love for apples.

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