Atticus: Allosaurus

Status: Available

Atticus was discovered near death by a hiker in northern Georgia. He was found hobbling as best he could on deformed legs, after escaping from a holding pen. He was painfully thin, infested with mites, and nearly blind as a result of pinkeye, a painful bacterial infection. Atticus was found two months later, lying in a filthy pen, too weak and sick to stand or even lift his head. He was caked from head to toe with manure and urine. Castaway brought this beauty to his new home at a sanctuary. Atticus was examined by our paleo-veterinarian and was deemed unsuitable for adoption or release. Rehabilitation proved difficult, as complications from his pinkeye caused us remove his right eye and left him half blind in his remaining eye. Fortunately, he had no problem recovering from the surgery and gained weight very fast. Atticus is a very sweet boy and has the mentality of a puppy. He loves humans and enjoys following staff around the sanctuary.

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