Tigris: Velociraptor Mix (Undetermined Species)


Status: Available

Tigris is one of our raptors up for adoption. She came from a home who hoarded raptors. We got a call on November 19, 2016 that there was a possible hoarding situation and, while investigating, we found that this single home had more than 20 raptors cooped up in a shed in the backyard. Unfortunately, we were only able to confiscate Tigris, as the others were in very poor health and as their survival rates were low, we sadly had to put them down. It took over three years of rehabilitation before Tigris was able to be around other raptors comfortably again, but still prefers to be alone, preferring the company of humans. Tigris is shy, with an affectionate personality that she shows to people she trusts.

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